About me (1993)

Wow, it's been 29 years already... let's go back a few years:

Me, in secondary school. I kind of knew that I wanted to do something creative. Why? It's because since I was a kid, I really liked drawing, reading horror- and fantasy-themed stories and at the same time, I loved to come up with own characters and writing interactive RPGs with (at that time online only) friends. I was and still am fascinated by games. Yes, I followed that passion and...

...in 2012, I studied "Games & Animation". Soon after, I worked as a web designer in Munich and around 1,5 years later I continued my studies and started a Master program in "Interactive Media Sytems: Game development". At that time I still kept working as a web designer. However, my life took a huge turn, when I finished my master's degree in 2018 and I started off aas a Junior Producer and Game Designer at Toplitz Productions. In the next 2,5 years I learned so much about game development and publishing.

During that time (at the beginning of 2020), I also joined the highly motivated team of volunteers which organizes the SemesterGameJam, one of the Germany‘s biggest student-driven Game Jam in Munich. My experience in live streaming, community management and social media helped a lot to successfully organize our online editions of the event. Taking part or organizing Game Jams (online and offline) always make me realize why I am passionate about games and why I want to work in the games industry.
My areas of expertise: Game Design, Producing and a bit of PR & Marketing