Delirium (2013)

  • Game Design
  • Production
  • Art & design
  • Testing
  • Student project
  • Prototyping

Delirium is an exciting fantasy-adventure board game for up to 4 players. The main goal is to escape a mental institution. How can you escape? You have to solve quests and fight evil creatures while travelling between different worlds. Collect equipment and weapons to become stronger and work together with other players, but always be careful not to loose your sanity.

I am quite a fan of dark, thrilling and profound fantasy and sci-fi movies. Especially the ones with unexpected turn of events. So I was really looking forward to create a ambiguous, fantasy-themed board game with two good friends.

I supported Irina with designing the main frames of the cards, the symbols on the character sheets, the tokens and some parts of the world within the game. During the design process we always tried to improve the concept, story and balance the gameplay. These are the areas I contributed the most: Idea & Game Concept, Research, Testing, Design & Art