Farmer's Dynasty (2019)

  • Live streaming
  • Community management
  • Design
  • Age Rating
  • Player Support
  • Quality Assurance

Farmer's Dynasty was the first game I started to play and test when I started working as a Junior Producer and Game Designer for Toplitz Productions. The game launched in Early Access in 2017 and I become part of the team in 2019, in the end phase of EA. Since then I played an vital part in supporting the team before, during and after the Full Release of the game, the porting to console (Nintendo Switch, PS4 & XB) and the release of DLCs for PC and console. These were some of my main tasks:

  • Starting and managing our twitch channel
  • Building and managing a community
  • Game concept & mechanics
  • Creating marketing assets
  • Creating video footage for age rating, trailer and more
  • Providing player support (via email, forum and discord)
  • Quality assurance and testing

Link to steam:
Link to video: